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Taking time out for a retreat is where we get to give ourselves the most precious gift of self-care and nurture.  

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Immersion in spiritual practice without the constant distractions of every day life allows us to release stress, connect with our heart's intelligent guidance, build consciousness and attune to our true self.  It is the opportunity to reset and upgrade.

The opportunities to retreat from the details of our busy lives can be rare for most of us.  We are almost always doing something, trying to change something, trying to make something happen, and often totally ignoring the enormous health and spiritual benefits of giving quiet time for self. 

Spending time in deep spiritual immersion is so important because it introduces us to new possibilities, expanded awareness and an opportunity to bathe in the essential freedom of Being that is our “natural” self.  

Also, half and one day workshops are periodically offered to include relevant self help skills,  meditation, mindfulness, connection and support for these rapidly changing times.

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