Moving Forwards

Letting Go.......

1 Day Workshop

Sunday 31st July 2022

10.00 am - 5.00 pm

Image by Eric Ward

Are You Struggling or Feeling Stuck?

If you are struggling physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually or feeling stuck?  You are not alone.


These times of massive energetic change can leave us feeling on high alert, maybe discombobulated .  There could be a sense of overwhelm, or old wounding arising. Perhaps sensing a need for change  - but feeling really uncertain and scared of taking those steps.

Integrating the Light

You may have noticed things are moving very fast and on a positive note, that includes our ability to resolve things. 


In these now times, there is an enormous amount of light
pouring into the planet and this contributes to the darkness that we can all see in others and our own dark energies or pain.  


Our bodies can struggle to integrate these higher frequencies.  Unless we are conscious, there will be a tendency to project outward rather than go within, to do
the self healing that is required.

Cave Hiker

Open to Integrated Healing

Perhaps paradoxically, all "integrated" healing, requires first that we accept the situation. Pain on any level is not something we typically like to accept. And yet, acknowledgment and acceptance is fundamental to bring about change. 


Of course,  it can take courage to embrace these qualities. But once you do,  you have taken the first, often shaky steps, towards healing.  You have stepped out of denial, resistance or suppression which have been holding the energy stuck.

What Can You Expect?

1.  A safe and loving environment
2.  Connection, compassion and support
3.  Practical strategies to address what is


Whether you are feeling stuck mentally, emotionally or  in terms of the direction you are going,  you may be surprised at how common the issues are.  The group energy provides the support to help us deal with the challenges and elevate us to higher states. Whilst all your problems aren't likely to be solved, you will come away from this workshop with a renewed energy, practical tools and insights on ways to move forward.


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  • The fast and effective modality of Emotional Freedom Technique (E.F.T.)  to address resistance or stuckness or fears.  Great also for challenging some of those beliefs that inhibit your growth and healing, and planting new seeds to beliefs that nurture, inspire and open doorways to healing.

  • Breath work and various meditations to relax, release and come into presence - where all healing and inner guidance happens.  It is when mind and heart find coherence.

  • We will also incorporate some toning directed to felt blockages.

Processes We Will Use Include:

I am not fully healed

I am not fully wise

I am still on my way

What matters is that

I am moving forwards

Yung Peublo


If this speaks to your heart, and you would like to join with other courageous people who accept responsibility for themselves,  and know the truth of their  multi-dimensional being  goes far beyond their presenting pain,  please join us on this transformational day as we  open to the processes of Moving Forward and Letting Go.....

Sunday 31st July 2022  10.00am - 5.00pm

Please bring a small plate of vegetarian food to share

Soup and refreshments will be provided.


$99.00  Early bird -  if paid before  14/7/2022


$120.00 if paid after 14/7/202



Any further enquiries contact Robyn


Tattooed Wrists

N.B.   If you are concerned about privacy and sharing your story, you can relax......
It is the feeling state that is the focus
of our  transformational workshop.