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Cutting The Ties
That Bind

Next 6 Week Course

20/2/2024 - 26/3/2024

Not on line - In person

Limited Places Available

The Shrine Room
Port Fairy

7.30PM - 9.00pm
"Want freedom from old patterns?
Ready to experience greater levels of confidence and self-esteem?"

This empowering self help method developed by psychotherapist Pyllis Krystal, primarily uses,  techniques, symbols, ritual and visualisation techniques to help people detach from the Ties That Bind Them.  Working at the subconscious level of mind we are able to offset some of the negative conditioning we all experience.  This method is more powerful than working at a cognitive level, because we are going to the source of the programming.


What Will It Do For Me?

Cutting the Ties That Bind produces a freedom in relationships - free from dominance, expectations, restrictions or influence from external authority figures, such as parents, ex partners, friends, colleagues or religious or cultural influences or from negative habits, emotions or from attachments or inhibiting beliefs.  


This powerful energy work allows you to become liberated and independent, awakening to your true self and relying on your own inner source of security and wisdom to guide you rather than the various sources of the false and binding security of old attachments and patterns. 


How Does It Work?

This technique primarily uses the language of the subconscious mind, which comprises symbols and pictures - rather like a dream state. A symbol is a device by which a message can be carried effectively to the sub-conscious mind where we can make profound changes in this part of the mind where the origin of the problem arose.


In the work of Phyllis Krystal we connect to our own higher guidance or Higher Self.  This is referred to as the Super Conscious mind – others may call the Awakened Self within us all.  It is the higher part of mind that knows everything and loves unconditionally.  It knows why we are here and what we need to learn, and it is always available.

Your Potential Benefits:

  • Improved Self Awareness

  • More Harmonious Relationships

  • Sense of Personal Empowerment

  • Release from Negative Emotions

  • Greater Inner Peace and Harmony

  • Reduced Trigger Responses

  • Higher Vibration

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What Others Have Said!

It was hard work but emotionally very freeing.


I am feeling so much calmer and peaceful within myself after this cutting work.


My awareness has expanded dramatically since doing this powerful work, revealing to me the patterns I had taken on board without realising.  More profound than any other personal growth work I have ever done.   



II feel so liberated after doing this 6 week course.  The impact went far beyond my expectations



I feel detached from other people's
emotions and behaviours.  I am now aware of my own feelings and using my own inner strength and feeling great.



“My mother and I can now have a free, loving relationship, without all of the stories and attachments that kept us from really seeing and feeling each other.  The work was hard, and I fought against it.  I was afraid I would lose something if I broke our attachment.  Instead, I gained a mom.  I cannot thank Robyn enough for compassionately and expertly guiding me through the process.”



I feel like I'm awakening to so many patterns I've had running and love the awarenes and sense of liberation this work has given me.



I cut ties with my Dad and I have an incredible amount of peace and freedom while still maintaining, if not gaining more love and respect, for not only him but myself. I have the ability to think more clearly and to make decisions and back myself more confidently without the need of outside validation or approval.



 The are several  gifts of working in a group with this powerful method.  There is the support that naturally arises with the group energy which also allows you to do the cut within one week instead of two (when done on a one to one basis). Further, is to witness how varied the experiences can be with different people doing similar or different cuts providing valuable insights and learning on its effectiveness and  diversity.  There are no two cuts the same.
Within this 6 week course you will have the opportunity to complete 3 separate cuts

This powerful self-help tool can be learned with experience of multiple cuts  enabling you to use as the need arises ,enhancing your awareness and  personal growth.

Working in a group is most economical, however, this Cutting Ties Method can be done on a one to one basis with two  separate consultations  two weeks apart

Strictly Limited Places for this 6 Week course

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Paid in Full by Tuesday  6th Feb 2024

Investment:  $150.00

Full refund applies if cancelled on or before 13/2/24. 

$30.00 admin fee applies if cancelled after 13/2/24

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Paid after Tuesday 6th Feb 2024

Investment: $175.00

Full refund given if cancelled on or before 13/2/24. 

$30.00 admin fee applies if cancelled after 13/2/24

If this 6 week course calls to you, please complete the section below
and request bank details
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Payment is through Electronic Funds Transfer (E.F.T.) 


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