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Clearing Introduction
Clearing Meditation

Energy Clearing Audio Program

Discover How to Improve Your Wellbeing

There is an enormous array of different unseen energies in your field at any one time and they can have a subtle to dramatic effect on how you feel, and in turn influence your behaviour and wellness.

Your thought forms, beliefs, and conditioning all contribute to the energy your vibrate through your subtle (emotional, mental and spiritual) bodies, which surround and interpenetrate with your physical body.  Your thoughts and experiences also connect you with environmental and other peoples energies.

Clearing your energy field can help you feel lighter, more positive and mentally clearer.

Mindfulness Practices for Wellbeing

Feel better every day – a compilation of mindfulness practices ranging from 1-10 minutes.

These simple mindfulness practices, when done regularly, help you to develop a calm awareness of your body, feelings and thought processes to facilitate a greater sense of wellbeing.

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