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3 VIP Questions

If you are interested, or currently practice meditation, at some point these 3 questions will be extremely important to you.

1. Why is it that you need to meditate for yourself?

Perhaps there are health issues or you can see that there are unconscious patterns of perception, verbal comments and behaviour playing themselves out in your life that is embedded in the past and you want to become more conscious or awake?

Perhaps there is a degree of personal suffering identified with your emotional life, and you want to begin to cultivate a distance, space or freedom from that?

Or maybe you sense that it’s possible to come into a profound realization of your relationship to life that you are seeking?

 Really go deep into this question to tap into that inner knowing.

2. Who else benefits when you meditate? Or Why is it that every body else needs you to meditate?

Why do you friends, family members and all the people you know, and even all the people you don’t know benefit when you meditate?

Maybe you can sense the significance of your meditation practice for all of humanity, recognizing that we are all playing out collective patterns of unconsciousness? Perhaps you can see that you and your practice is needed to begin to break up these patterns?

Maybe you can see the way some of your behaviours negatively impact others?

In ways that you feel powerless to stop and you want to liberate yourself from those patterns and therefore liberate everyone else from them too?

Maybe you want to be a shining example to others allowing something else to come through you?

Allow yourself to sink into that deeper knowing, why does everybody else need you to meditate.

3. Why it is that Source, God, Evolution or the Greater Life process needs us to meditate?

Why the energy of intelligence that is driving evolution forward needs our participation; needs us to participate in dis-embedding habitual patterns of an unconscious past so that we may be free and proceed consciously through our participation?

Really let yourself feel into the deeper knowing within, that is always there.

Alone we make a difference Together we make the world a better place.


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