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Are You Up for a 21 Day Relationship Challenge?

Want to see if you can improve your relationship with your intimate partner, mother, father, son, daughter, sibling, friend, work colleague or other….basically anyone?

13 Reasons Why:

  1. Sharing positive thoughts and vibes builds your self esteem

  2. Sharing positive thoughts with another helps them feel good

  3. Sharing positive thoughts and vibes reduces stress levels

  4. Feeling good improves your immune system

  5. Giving and sharing positivity connects us to our heart and integral loving self

  6. More harmony in your relationship/s makes you feel better

  7. When you feel better you have more to give to others

  8. When you feel better you radiate a higher vibration

  9. When you feel good you have better coping abilities

  10. When you radiate at a higher vibration it impacts on all those around you and makes a difference to the collective consciousness on the planet

  11. Sharing positive thoughts and vibes deepens your connection with other

  12. Focusing on positivity requires us to be more conscious – raising consciousness facilitates growth

  13. Seeking and sharing positivity changes the energy between you and can facilitate the healing of old wounds

This experiment is free, takes miniscule time, could be fun, will be interesting to see the outcome, a free copy of my book goes to the person who gets the most Facebook likes and  it’s just a nice thing to do. Nobody loses and everybody potentially gains.

On 1st October – for the best stories of transformation judged by Facebook friends with the most likes, I will give a free copy of my book “101 Strategies for True Health and Empowerment – Healing from Within”  A great resource for the home library.  It will be my pleasure to post it to you where-ever you are in the world at no cost to you. It’s my way of saying thank you for joining in this experiment.

Share with your friends and encourage them to participate – lets build the love vibes in our own little part of the world.

Here’s the Plan – it’s easy

  1. Choose a relationship that you would like to apply to this experiment.

  2. Assess your relationship on a scale of 1-10. Basically overall, how would you rate your relationship. 1 = low 10 = high

  3. Every day for 21 consecutive days, find at least one thing to appreciate about your nominated relationship and share it with them.

Here’s some ideas to get you started.

It could be the simpliest things like:

  1. Putting the heater on before you get up each cold morning

  2. Their honest feedback about …. (be specific)

  3. Their hug

  4. Cooking dinner

  5. Putting the rubbish out

  6. Doing the washing

  7. Folding the clothes

  8. Their smile

  9. Some facial or body features

  10. Buying dinner

  11. Doing the shopping

  12. Cleaning something

  13. Unpacking the food shopping

  14. Looking after family while you had some time out

  15. Spending time with you

  16. Really listening to you

  17. Their laugh

  18. Their generosity of time

  19. Their willingness to help others

  20. Doing specific repairs

  21. Looking after the children, or other family member

  22. Their kindness to another

  23. Garden care

  24. Car maintenance

  25. Their touch

  26. Holding your hand

  27. Opening the jar you couldn’t

  28. Reading to the children

  29. How they look

  30. Their commitment to family

  31. Their commitment to their job

  32. Their skill/s

  33. Their values

  34. The way they stroke your hair

  35. Helping you with a project

  36. Loving you

Please share your ideas on Facebook to inspire others.

Many of these ideas and nicieties may be common in your relationship.

The objective for this challenge is to emphasize your appreciation for 21 consecutive days, which is outside of your normal way of relating to them…., at the same time, respecting another’s boundaries.

That could be done by, ensuring you have eye contact first, or reaching out and touching their arm prior to expressing you appreciation, or giving a big smile.

The important thing is it must be a genuine expression, so your heart is involved. We can all sense an insincere or shallow comment.  You will know what feels different to your “norm.”

Why 21 Days?

This is “an experiment” and a commitment to see what results manifest for you in 21 days.   It is commonly said that 21 days is the time frame for changing old habits and integrating new ways of being.

Daily Incentive

Common stories at the foundation of disharmony and pain in relationships is because we don’t feel heard, valued, respected or appreciated. We often feel misunderstood or taken for granted. The 21 day relationship challenge could be your chance to heal old wounds, create a new beginning and the foundation for a happier connection.

Look for positives in your elected relationship – that activity alone will help to keep you in a higher vibration feeling good and facilitate your inspiration for your appreciation.

Spiritual teachers tell us, when wanting to improve relationships in any form its not about waiting for the other person to change, but what you can or will do to make change yourself. When you change the energy between you changes and so the other person can then change in response.  The power is always with self.

Sharing appreciation helps us both feel good and can create a domino effect.  Share the love.  Best not to have expectations, which could block the energy flow between you.

Let’s make a difference and DO IT!

Look out for my relationship post each day till the end of September.

I’m excited.


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