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Connecting with “Real Self”

There are a variety of different reasons that you may have started a meditation practice, though the “ultimate” goal is to connect with Real Self or become self-realised – to experience an awakening of your core loving essence, of pure consciousness and pure awareness. This inner world cannot be forced or bought.  It will not respond to ultimatums by an impatient ego.  As the great spiritual master Rumi said: “With love you can make a way for yourself inside yourself”  We get glimpses of “real self” in our moments of joy, that often arise spontaneously and we can connect to it, even if only for brief moments. Connect with Real Self: Once you have reached a meditative state where the body is relaxed and your mind is easing into more focus, bring into your awareness, someone whom you love dearly and sense them right near you.  Feel into your heart and allow it to open into that beautiful unconditional loving feeling, then radiate and direct that love from your heart, across to them.Absorb yourself this innate loving essence, which is part of your core in your whole body, then let go of the person you were directing it to initially and just bathe in the feeling of love.Feel yourself as love.If you can hold this feeling of love without directing it to a person or thing, you have touched your true or real self.  You may begin to realise that your love is actually not dependent of anything outside of yourself.Ponder that deeply …………Who is doing the loving…? This was part of our June Monthly Meditation class.  It is in the silence, stillness and spaciousness that we can awaken and come to know truth and our core loving essence. Tuesday 19th July is our next Meditation Monthly class.


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