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Conscious Breathing

Updated: Sep 5, 2022

As you are aware, breathing is something we all do and it happens whether we are conscious of it or not. Breathing is a whole body process - not just air coming in and out of the lungs. But did you know your breath is registering and reflecting everything, because it is affected by everything?

Every emotion or thought, either enhances the energy charge to the cells in your body or detracts from them. The breath registers what is happening internally and can respond to external conditions like temperature, sunlight, wind and atmospheric pressure, and of course everything we see, read, or our engagement with others. As we become more skilled with tuning into our breath it can become like a diagnostic tool and a means to reduce stress and process through some challenging emotions.

Breath is part of life - however conscious breathing expands awareness and our level of understanding about our self and the world in which we live. Conscious breathing is just one of the various strategies we will incorporate in our practical, experiential workshop Moving Forward - Letting Go.


Another form of conscious breathing is Heart Focused breathing.

It also has many benefits. According to Hearth Math Institute, it helps to transform stress into greater energy, better health and a more fulfilling life. Its simply a matter of using your intent to imagine you are breathing in and out of your heart.


Do you know whether you breathe through your nose or your mouth? Interestingly, most people - 30-50% are not aware. Take time to notice. For the most part if you are a mouth breather it is simply a bad habit you've developed and with awareness you can change it.

Observe your children and encourage nasal breathing to optimise their health


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