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Depression-Space Clearing

With so many people suffering from depression – 350 million world wide, it’s enough to take notice.

Because the causes are many and varied, so too are the steps that can be taken.

However, one consistent effect, irrespective of the cause of your depression will be a contaminated energy field.

To an energy worker, it will feel heavy and lacking in life force, in a similar way that it might feel to the depressed person as though you were wearing around a heavy cloak.

The good news is you can clear it. Clearing your energy field can have a subtle to profound impact on how you feel. In the same way clearing the space in which you live or work can significantly elevate your feeling state.

Most people have had the experience of walking into a space and felt really comfortable with a sense of good vibes and the reverse is also true. Where we have been in some place that felt really uncomfortable and you just wanted to get out of there. Even if no one is in the room the energy vibrations remain and those energies will stay put until it is cleared.

Whatever is the source of these negative vibrations, they can be removed. It can be as simple as an unintegrated shadow aspect of self, or negative thought forms from our self or others which have gathered in the atmosphere or other unseen negative forces that our nervous system experiences as fear or an unwelcome feeling.


  1. Open all the doors and windows and allow fresh air to travel through each room.

  2. Play classical or spiritual music that fills your home. The high vibrations clear the lower frequencies

  3. Clear your space using a smudge stick (commonly made of dried white sage bound tightly together). Once it starts smoking, waft it through the air in a zig zag manner. You can use a large feather to help distribute the smoke ensuring you get into the corners of each room

  4. Tibetan bells are good for breaking up stagnant energy and can be rung in each room.

  5. Tidy away your clutter. Clutter tends to accumulate etheric debris. Good to do this prior any other space clearing process

  6. Indoor plants can help to clear and maintain a fresh space

  7. Sprinkle salt around each room and particularly in the corners where negative vibrations tend to accumulate. Salt is used in many different forms to cleanse and disinfect.

Just applying one of these strategies may be sufficient to clear your space but if it feels very heavy incorporate several or even all of them.

More next time on clearing your “personal” energy field.


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