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Destabilisation – Balance

Rarely would I ever share information that could evoke fear, but my feeling body is guiding me to share this article on “Destabilization” by Tom Kenyon with a sense that it is for the greater good and in fact could be empowering and reduce fear?   Tom Kenyon is a scientist, teacher, sound healer, psychotherapist, musician etc.

His message is not dissimilar to recent astrological and numerological reports.  We are in powerful times of change…exciting times that we have long awaited.

As always I encourage you to discern what is right for you.  …. Find your truth through your own higher guidance.

My tips to keep your balance:   

  1. Keep your energy field clear 

  2. Spend time in nature

  3. Practise “mindfunessl” in all that you do

  4. Limit mind activities – and screen time (it hinders feeling awareness)

  5. Share your innate loving essence and give compliments or help another

  6. Nurture yourself, warm baths, and gentle walks, and soft music

  7. Meditate – be the observer of your own mind

Oh what a ride we are on….. Sending a loving hug Robyn

NOTE:  I am currently working on creating a guided meditation to clear your energy field and plan to offer it for FREE on my website when I figure out how to upload it.  In the mean time – Refer to my book 101 Strategies for True Health and Empowerment. – Clearing Strategy 16


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