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Did You Agree?

We all make agreements throughout our life – some of them consciously, but many are made subconsciously and unconsciously, and some of them before we incarnate. Many of these agreements have power to limit our ability for personal growth and empowerment, particularly those made with what is commonly referred to as the false light.

An enormous amount of agreements are made in relationships – a marriage, or business partnership, and the roles we will play. We make “unspoken” social agreements like just being pleasant with each other. It might be making an insincere compliment or comment often to avoid hurting another.

Human kind have made multiple unconscious agreements, the majority of which we have no idea about until we begin to build consciousness and question and some of our life experiences, the patterns that play out, our beliefs and maybe explore some of the unseen energies in this world. Some of these agreements are made before we incarnate as a soul coming in, and some in the dream state. If you ever dream about signing a contract or something similar its a good idea to revoke it.

It is understood by many, that some agreements are made with another soul prior birth. Many of them with good intentions to help create growth and transformation. It may be like a pair of opposites such as the victim and the rescuer, the slanderer and the slandered, or even a seemingly more benign role of being the untidy one paired with one who is meticulous. These agreements can be about wanting to help each other. Often times once the learning has played out and been integrated the relationships will separate or become much more harmonious. They can also be the stimulus for growth and exploration setting one on a spiritual path.

Some delight in the thought of a soul contract with a loved one thinking it will offer a life of love and success but it can be very confusing and distressing, when it is the very thing that is blocking either of you from your highest path in your life’s journey.

Sadly, there are often agreements to ignore our deeper senses and the spiritual or energetic realms, or to suppress our creative energies in order to be one with crowd or acceptable to others.

We make agreements in our relationship to the world. For some it means being the odd one out. – like the black sheep or scapegoat for a dysfunctional family.

There are agreements we make to uphold current structures that may include poverty, inequality, various societal constructs, or maintain certain perspectives, on race or religion. For many, an agreement is made to be subservient to authority, such as politicians, banks, religion and other financial authorities.

In situations where you may have inner conflict – one voice telling you one thing and another telling you something else – there could an agreement in play.

We also make agreements on how we perceive ourselves and take on certain roles or archetypes. Just a few examples could be the victim, martyr, or maybe the appeaser or way-shower. A few others could be to, be subservient, suffer in relationship, never rock the boat, play it small, struggle in relationships or numerous others.

The extremely problematic agreements are those that are basically designed to give away our authority or personal power. Agreements, bonds, vows, pacts, promises, or contracts made on any of the different levels of consciousness, carry energetic references that obstruct us from awakening to our highest potential as a free willed, loving, sovereign being. They can be seriously debilitating, direct our life path and keep us in a loop of negativity, challenging relationships or poor health.

Often behind these agreements (some made under duress), is a belief that you will be safe if you agree to this con-tract.

You may recognise agreements or “con”-tracts within your own family, which are often reflected in destructive or sabotage patterns being carried through generations. These contracts can run through multiple timelines until revoked.

If you have ever said or thought “I am this way because …x…y…z…happened to me!” There is an agreement. If you have ever felt really frustrated or angry and said “enough is enough” – there is an agreement.

Whilst it is a relatively simple process to revoke agreements, those that have a strong intention are detailed and thorough, are without doubt the most powerful. Much more so than something general like revoking all general agreements The wording would include ensuring you embrace all possibilities through every timeline and temporal location, in every dimension, density, level, realm, reality, universe, multiverse, omni-verse, existence, non existence, incarnation or between incarnational states. This helps to guarantee that the agreement revocation is powerful and effective. These specific ones you will feel as an energy shift in your body and the effect of the revocation becomes evident in a more immediate time frame.

The primary purpose of revoking either outdated contracts or agreements is to free you from the subconscious patterns of control and some would say, enslavement.

Declaring and claiming your sovereignty is also an important aspect to break free of all prior agreements and obligations allowing you to be in your full sovereign power, exercising your free will and being guided by your own higher self.

When you revoke these agreements the energy leaves your energy sphere returning to wherever it came from and as a result you have more space in your sphere of consciousness.

Our major purpose in this lifetime is to awaken to who we truly are as free-willed sovereign beings. As more and more people wake up to the energetic manipulation in our world and revoke agreements, we not only help ourselves but we help the rest of humanity who may otherwise be unaware and struggling to live this existence.

NOTE: We are free willed, sovereign beings and as such you can revoke any agreement you choose in your life that is not working for you, and when you do, they can be absolutely life changing.

This is a very high power energetic time for change with a GATEWAY and Total Solar Eclipse on 21st August

A 3 hour workshop on Agreement Revocation will be held on Sunday 20th August in Port Fairy. More information here.


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