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Drugs Stress and Stillness

I read an article this week that prompted some of my own life reflections and further research. Briefly:  “One in 3 Australians over 70 take 5 or more different medicines a day!   This latest research suggests Australians elderly are taking more drugs, more often than their counterparts in the US and UK. And of further concern quite often they don’t know what they are taking the medicine for. Experts aren’t sure why. Nor are they sure why the trend is increasing:. YIKES!.   article from July 15 Age”. Almost half (45%) of Australians will experience mental illness in their lifetime. The onset of mental illness is typically around mid to late adolescence. 18-24 years old) and have the highest prevalence of mental illness than any other age.  More here

Be the Shining Light in the Stillness

Be the Shining Light in the Stillness

Given these two articles, I wondered when did these people start their medication (at what age)? Was it when they were in their teens. Was it on and off over the years? Yes, as we all know, a healthy diet, exercise and restful sleep are fundamental to wellness, and Meditation and Mindfulness is getting plenty of press these days about its extensive wellbeing benefits. I sincerely believe my experience of meditation over the last 3 decades is what has been, and remains central to my “no meds” wellbeing, adding to feelings of connectedness, peace and resilience. Of course, life still happens with all its ups and downs and will no doubt continue to do so. Living in this chaotic world we all need to take time to step back from the demands and busyness that can be all consuming. We need to CREATE time to find the stillness within. Prioritise “ME” time. No, it’s not selfish. It is an expression of self care and self love that will not only help you, but benefit all those around you, while also showing your loved ones how to care for themselves. Consider the domino effect if more people did this! If you can relate to this and you would like to give yourself the precious gift of self love and self nurture for your body mind and soul, then you may like to join us on the 1 Day Spiritual Retreat – The Emergence of the Quiet Self Within in Narrawong. Sunday 18thAugust. A day of deep inner reflections,, discussions, partially guided mediations that rest, restore and release stress. The earlier we learn and practice the value of inner stillness the less vulnerable we are to the stressors that life inevitably brings. Thank you to those who have already registered. Still time for early bird discount. Payment options include Pay Pal or EFT


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