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Earthing for Healing

Did you fully realise we have a wonderful healing resource at our feet? Earthing improves sleep, reduces pain, reduces stress, increases heart rate variability, boosts the immune system, reduces inflammation, accelerates wound healing, increases energy and more.

It does this when we have flesh to earth contact by synchronizing your body’s electrical energies to the electrical energies of the earth. Also, Earthing is a great way to adjust your body clock when travelling through different time zones. I have found this to be highly effective  when I travel.

On a recent trip to visit family in the USA I was invited to teach a class of 5 year olds at my granddaughters school in Boulder about Earthing. Special permission was given by the school for the children to remove shoes and socks and run barefoot outside experiencing the concrete paths, grassed playground and sand pit. – All earth conductors. It was such fun with many squeals of delight. In the class, which followed, the music teacher delighted in sharing how much more focused was the children’s behaviour.

Tip for parents – if your children are a bit ratty, remove their shoes and socks and send them outside for 20-30 minutes.

An unfortunate reality these days is a growing tendency for children (and adults) to be inside absorbed in some kind of media screen and totally missing out on all the wonderful physical and emotional health benefits that Earthing offers. Let alone the social interaction that helps to build emotional intelligence in communications with others.

Recent generations have moved more and more away from the earth with rubber soled shoes, elevated beds and two story houses. We are missing out on the numerous health benefits so constantly available!

Winter months do tend to deter any barefoot connection with the earth but at least using your “imagination” to connect with the earth facilitates more balance. It is an excellent daily practice and great to do as part of your meditation practice. You can imagine you have energetic roots of light just like tree roots coming out of the souls of your feet going deep into the earth. The mind doesn’t know the difference between what is real and what is imagined.

See here for scientific images of the before and after effects of Earthing on the human body. See Figure 3–peer-reviewed-fulltext-article-JIR


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