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Energy Low?

Are you experiencing that overriding feeling of fatigue that just doesn’t seem to go away? Maybe it’s caused by lack of sleep, emotional issues, some environmental factors, your diet or some form of medication or medical condition including depression.

So many possible causes and so many ways to improve.

A brief look at nutrition and greens

Some recent research by the Australian Bureau of Statistics who questioned over 12,000 people, revealed that only about one in 20 Australians consumes enough vegetables and nationally, just 6 per cent of participants met the recommended daily intake of vegetables. The range was 2.5 serves for toddlers to 6 serves for adult males. Yikes, yes we can all do the math and that’s 80% of people who are not eating enough veggies! But on the up side 52% of Australians ate the recommended 2 servings of fruit a day. Just one area I have noticed a definite improvement in my own energy levels over the past year has been since having a green juice every morning. It’s no secret, I love my Nutri bullet and have even been known to take it on holiday with me.

My juice is usually some spinach, just one leaf of kale (not my favourite – the bugs like it more than me) and celery picked fresh from the garden each morning including the celery leaves because they provide vitamins, minerals, fibre and macronutrients. Then I put in some fruit to sweeten it up a bit. I’ve had an abundance from my 3 plants of “perpetual” spinach, which just keeps on producing, though I have planted some more with my crop rotation in the last couple of weeks. Remember too, it’s easily grown in a pot.

Being a vego I am always careful to get the protein I need so I usually throw in some almonds and often pumpkin seeds which are a great source of vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants, and essential amino-acids. There is no shortage of Green juice recipes out there that can appeal to all different palates.

Greens are certainly up there in improving energy levels and perhaps why is because they store the energy giving sunlight so fundamental for our health and wellbeing. They are also abundant with magnesium – that wonderful nutrient that is used by every organ in the body and has so many health benefits. Magnesium helps to relax muscles, reduce anxiety, aids in digestion, improve sleep, improve energy levels, good for your heart and more. Sadly most adults are magnesium deficient and need to supplement.

More information on true healing and optimizing your wellness is in my book 101 Strategies for True Health and Empowerment – Healing from Within


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