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FREE Clearing Meditation

I am delighted to offer you this Clearing Meditation available for FREE on my website.

The Clearing Meditation is to address the exposure we all have to different kinds of energies and experiences that impact on our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies. These unseen energies can have a very significant impact on how you feel and dramatically affect your health and wellbeing. There are various ways to do this and this audio reflects one of the strategies in my book 101 Strategies for True Health and Empowerment. – Healing from Within.

There are 2 tracks. The 11 minute Introduction explains WHY we need to do the clearing and the second track is the Clearing Meditation with an option towards the end to extend and go deeper into the process.

I consider this Clearing process to be a fundamental practice for those wanting to optimize wellness, and awaken more of your inherent core loving nature.

Obviously, in our human journey, there are several other areas, which require your attention for clearing, including addressing the unresolved wounding of the emotional body and inner child. There are numerous tools and strategies to help you do this. A regular meditation and mindfulness practice will also assist you to build psychological clarity and undo the conditioning we all experience.

We are in an important time of our evolution where more and more people are waking up  and claiming the magnificence of their sovereign self and clearing away the illusionary layers. This clearing meditation is a good stepping-stone to discover the often hidden layers where agreements, vows and contracts have been made at an unconscious level – often in the sleep state.  There is always more to discover. Be curious not complacent.

NOTE for CLIENTS:  I am starting my  journey overseas to visit family in North Carolina then Denver in the USA this Wednesday and my only form of contact will be by email.  Please do not contact me by phone as I will not be using it.  I will be back just before our next Monthly Meditation class on Tuesday 17th May and hope to see you then.


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