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Headaches – for no apparent reason?

Are you getting headaches when you never used to or getting more of them?

It seems headaches are more common in these times where the planetary energies are higher and contributing to the evolutionary changes that we are experiencing. Stephanie Azaria calls these a download headache and one you often experience in your sleep or as you wake. She recommends meditation and rest though could be worth trying some gentle exercise as well while breathing deeply in and out of your nose. Movement can be beneficial to facilitate the flow of energies through you.

With the increase in wireless technology and the use of technical gadgets we are being more bombarded with invisible electro magnetic frequencies effecting us all whether we are aware of it or not. Headaches, insomnia, fatigue and skin irritations are common symptoms. More evidence is coming out all the time. It was refreshing to read an article in mainstream media about this recently.

Basic remedy is to minimise use and switch off at night so you are not being affected while you sleep. Though there are also an increasing number of devices available on the market to reduce the impact of this wireless technology.

Environmental impact aside, the metaphysics of headaches can be a wake up call to trust your intuition. They also often arise from “too much thinking”. It comes from a belief that you can figure everything out in your head rather than trusting your feeling body to guide you.

Self-criticism, fear and/or Inner-conflict are another cause. One part of you is telling you one thing and another part something else. This kind of split in thinking can trigger a migraine headache.

Then there are the various headaches which arise from the more common sources of poor posture, stress, muscular tension, certain foods or drinks, some chemicals found in your home or work place, dehydration, hormonal changes, problems with teeth or Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) or just plain tired.

Identifying the source of your headache obviously provides the most appropriate solution because you are treating the cause. Remember too, the healing powers of nature. Venture out doors into natures fresh air and breathe deeply. Remove your footwear and connect your bare feet to the earth and soak up the negatively charged free electrons at her surface that will equalise with your own.

Beyond the recommendations above there are a variety of natural remedies to assist.

Ensure your magnesium levels are good; most people are deficient in this natural mineral, which helps reduce headaches, anxiety, relax muscles, along with so many other health benefits.

Here is a link to numerous other natural remedies for headaches including ginger tea, a handful of almonds, a few drops of lavender or peppermint applied to the temples, willow bark etc.

Let yourself feel into the cause of your headaches, there is always a part of you who knows.  Listen to the message the headache brings and take action to remedy.  And remember to thank your body for showing you what needs your attention.


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