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How’s Your Intention?

Welcome to 2017 – and what a ride it promises to be in our rapidly changing world!

So have you set any intentions for this year?  Maybe you are one of around 50% of people who set new intentions especially around New Year? If you are, you’ve probably noticed from previous years that it’s quite common for these good intentions to fail. Sometimes because they are just not realistic.

You’ve also likely been aware that when it does fail that your self esteem can take a battering from your inner critic.

Habitual thought forms and old patterns of behaviour create embedded neural pathways in the brain. Without full consciousness your tendency will be to revert back to those old patterns. Its just like water running down a hill will always take the path of least resistance. To get water to run in a different way you will need to place something in the natural flow, so that it will start a new pathway.

To create a new pathway in your brain and to fulfil your intentions, you have to really focus on the new intention. Its not enough to set an intention and forget it – though I have found it to be a common New Age expression. Intentions are powerful things when used with conscious awareness.

So the true secret to success with intentions and resolutions is keeping your “Attention on your Intention”.

Repeatedly bring yourself into presence and your intention. Surround yourself with reminders of your intentions, with a vision board, stick it notes, phone reminders, or associate with people who mirror or support your intentions. Create some powerful affirmations that support your your aspirations.  Take action steps towards your goals and intentions. Acknowledge and celebrate every step no matter how insignificant it may seem.  This acts as little re-enforcement and a means to cheer yourself on. 

And of course the mother of all intentions is to strive to fully awaken to your true self.  No secret, this one takes real commitment and let’s face it, the world needs our light and for us all to fully awaken.

Listen to this short u-tube message from a very wise  a 4 year old – where on earth did all that wisdom come from?

For your possible interest, in the theme of intention, and all the disruption in our world, I feel a strong connection to the words of Dr. Caroline Myss whose words about women and our changing world resonate strongly with me.


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