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Is it True?

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

In these times of great contrast about what is happening in our world, we have global access to information, albeit is full of contrasts and we have to try to discern what is really true.  It is a gift to actually have the time in this period of isolation to focus inwards, and review our values, beliefs and what is really true, when most of us, don’t have the usual distractions and automaticity that so often drives our busy lives. Exploring "truth" effectively requires a level of vulnerability. We have to be open to new understandings with a loving heart, an open mind, and a willingness to let go of previously held beliefs and welcome a higher truth.  With this attitude and intention we will attract the most appropriate people,  experiences, and  information, where a greater truth will be revealed to us.     It can be useful to remember that a belief is simply a repeated thought form, that can be both conscious and/or subconscious.  They can be grounded in facts, our personal experience and world views.  Beliefs may not have anything to do with "truth" so it is a valuable exercise to check in periodically, particularly if your life is not in flow, and particularly "now" with this global turmoil.  We adopt so many of our beliefs by osmosis.  We pick them up through our parents, peers, education system, religions culture and media.  Ultimately we have to choose. It can be tricky because if we look to the same kind of resources that we always have, you will find corroboration of your beliefs, which our ego self would like to affirm that it must be true - but it may not be so!  As author Wayne Dwyer says You'll See It When You Believe It. We need to do our own research and attune to our own intuitive feelings to guide us and look outside our usual parameters.  The truth is there amidst all this contrasting data permeating our information sources and we have to be discerning and be open to a greater truth and have a willingness to challenge any previously held beliefs or fixed views.  Not being truthful may be motivated by power or greed commonly seen in the world around us, which in turn feeds into issues of trust. Lying and deception breeds a lack of trust and invites us to create boundaries and stand for what we believe in with conviction and often, great courage.  It brings to mind the whistle blowers in this world who bravely risk so much to stand in their integrity and act in a way they feel is for the highest good. Truth can be very uncomfortable personally, because looking at ourselves in a truthful way can reveal parts of our self that we have previously denied. Honest reflection helps us to evolve.   In the world of qantum physics, we are the microcosm of the macrocosm.  Our isolation offers us this time to go inwards as we ride this powerful wave of ascension.  To claim our sovereignty and stand for love, compassion and all that we know in our hearts is annately good. To awaken fully into our true self and realise our connectedness. 

We Are The Ones We Have Been Waiting For

Truth may be the most philosophically discussed topic ever, particularly related to spirituality? Taking time for stillness and having a passion for truth are amongst the most powerful things we can do to assist us to navigate our way through this history making time, facilitating growth and awakening of the collective.  More of my Top 10 tips on Meditation for the Soul Facebook page.

“The Truth Will Set You Free”

A famous variant is attributed to Gloria Steinem: "The Truth Will Set You Free, but first it will piss you off."

As each of us stays connected to our hearts and our innate loving nature we hold a space for others, so we contribute to the transmutation of fear currently creating so much toxicity in our environment. We are loving creator beings here to support each other through this time.  

I will continue to offer Free Teleconference Meditation classes during this period of isolation.  Tuesday evenings at 7.30 – 8.30 Melbourne time.  Your energy is most welcome to facilitate peace and harmony to yourself and the planet - just email me.  

Stay safe and connected to your heart, and the one heart;  shine brightly.  The world needs your light.  My love and gratitude to you  Robyn More tips in my book.  101 Strategies for True Health and Empowerment


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