Meditation Monthly – 3rd Tuesday

These Monthly Meditation classes are about connecting, sharing and deepening awareness and are open to those with prior meditation experience. This is for you if you feel comfortable sitting still in silence for a minimum of 20 minutes attempting to focus your mind and have done so several times previously. If you like the idea of reflection on “spiritual” topics of discussion within a group to deepen your own awareness.

It is my greatest pleasure to facilitate these gatherings with my spiritual brothers and sisters.

Notice will be posted on Meditation for the Soul Facebook Page a week prior

 If you intend coming – please do the following:

  1. Confirm your place via Facebook, text or email. Places are limited, so please be respectful to those who may want to come and give 24 hours notice if you change your mind.

  2. Advise your preference for floor or chair (sitting gear supplied but you are welcome to bring your own)

I will acknowledge your message to confirm and ensure a space is available.

  1. Please retain the mindfulness practice of entering the Shrine room quietly, and sitting in silence until the class begins.  I encourage you to notice how you feel and attune yourself to the energy within the room.

  2. A registration list will be on the table as you enter.  Please be self-sufficient in ticking off your name and making payment ($20.00 or $15.00 for concession card holders)

Classes are 3rd Tuesday of the month  7.30-9.00pm

We will start promptly at 7.30 so please arrive 7-10 minutes early to get yourself settled.


Meditation brings wisdom; lack of mediation leaves ignorance. Know well what leads you forward and what holds you back, and choose the path that leads to wisdom. – Buddha

Developing a regular meditation practice offers enormous personal benefits which I ‘m sure you know by now. It is a life changing, life sustaining, transformational practice. But, have you ever really considered the differences that meditating with a group affords?

Group Meditation Benefits:

  1. The collective silence is otherwise something rarely experienced in a group.

  2. Your presence amongst others who are “present” attunes your listening and mindfulness.

  3. A feeling of connectedness, belonging or intimacy can develop into a bond with like minded souls. It is a recognition that you are not alone – but amongst a spiritual family with a similar focus and intent.

  4. You literally come together with others on the same wave length as you drop down into the alpha level of consciousness

  5. The energy of many is always stronger than the energy of one and can facilitate more powerful meditations.

  6. The sense of silent support and safety can facilitate a true heart connection and opening, (transformation happens at the heart), and a willingness to really surrender and let go.

  7. A group can facilitate an individuals inner journey.

  8. Meditating in a group creates a ripple effect of peace going beyond the group out into the environment

Meditation is the tongue of the soul and the language of our spirit. Jeremy Taylor

This Meditation Monthly class is open to all people with prior meditation experience.  These classes are not about teaching  “how” to meditate;  the 6 week Introduction to Meditation and Mindfulness  Course is the appropriate means for this and will commence in October 2017  Email Robyn to register your interest. E:

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