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More Harmonious Relationships?

Let’s face it, relationships affect us all – families, friends, work colleagues, communities …. we can’t really escape them.   They provide the triggers that reveal where we have “inner” work to do.  I like to refer to these people who push our buttons as angels in disguise We actually need them for our growth.

Likely you’ve heard it many times before!  Yes, there is a wealth of research affirming the significant and broad benefits of meditation on health and wellbeing, even suggesting meditation could extend your lifespan by lengthening your telomeres (chromosomal caps).   But did you realise how beneficial meditation is for healthy happy relationship?

Why?   Because meditation:

  1. Reduces anxiety and teaches you to be more present

  2. You become less reactive so you are more in control of your emotions.

  3. It puts things in perspective and helps to think more creatively.

  4. Your sense of connection and compassion with others increases.

  5. More empathy, insight and intuition develops

  6. Meditation increases your “emotional intelligence” – (I suspect this is the latest buzz word, but doesn’t deny the facts).

More information on this research can be found in a book I recently purchased called The Mindful Brain by Dan Seigel, but you will no doubt find more research if you goggle it.


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