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Neck Pain – Resolution

Neck pain affects many people throughout life causing great discomfort – sometimes it is as a result of general strain like improper posture over a work station, poor sleeping posture, carrying something heavy like a suitcase, some kind of accident like whiplash or fractures, or it can be a more age related condition as a result of wear and tear and maybe a form of arthritis.

Fortunately there are a variety of health care modalities that can bring relief like Bowen therapy in all its different forms, osteopathy, remedial massage, physiotherapy, cranial sacral therapy and more.


  1. The neck joints are very mobile and taking supplements to keep the joints lubricated and the muscles relaxed can be a great help.  Fish oil and magnesium are two that come to mind but best to check with your practitioner.

  2. Specific neck and shoulder exercises like turning your head from side to side and gentle neck circles can be beneficial to keep the muscles flexible and extend range of movement.  Check out this u-tube clip to see if this T Towel strategy  might work for you.

  3. Sit in a meditative state and feel into the pain and discomfort as though you are really curious and want to explore every facet.  Avoid any judgment or any form of resistance which holds the energy and adds to pain. As you focus, feel and allow, the energy can shift.  Make sure you avoid any mind story which can hold it there.

  4. Avoid sleeping topless.  Just a T shirt can make a big difference to your level of comfort and avoid any chills.

A deeper level of healing requires that we work with the emotional, mental and spiritual bodies, which always accompany the physical body.  So from a metaphysical level it can be helpful to do some inner reflection to see if any of the following might be hindering your ability to heal and resolve neck pain. Some questions to ask yourself:

  1. Am I being inflexible and unwilling to bend?

  2. Do I feel overburdened or pressured?

  3. Do I feel safe to express my feelings freely?

  4. Am I holding onto old stuff in my relationships?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, then hold the intention that you are willing to make change, and determine what you need to do to bring that about.

Where you have a fixed view consciously intend to be open to a greater truth about anything and everything in your life. The “truth” will set you free. Be willing to review your commitments and determine what you can let go of, or ask for help to reduce the overloaded feelings. Re-assure your inner child that it is safe to speak your truth? Do what you can to heal old wounds in your relationships. Create some affirmations to support your change so that it stays in your consciousness and begins to change the brain wave patterns and what you vibrate.

You will find a multitude of further tips in my book 101 Strategies for True Health and Empowerment – Healing from Within.  Available from all online book stores

In case you are interested  there is a very affordable “Wellbeing Weekend”including Breathworks, Yoga and Meditation and Mindfulness to be held in Warrnambool next weekend 13th & 14th June   More info. – on Events.

In the coming weeks I will sort out your preferences so that you only receive emails that are of your specific interest. Look out for that email and questionnaire.  1-2 per month is my maximum on any subject so you certainly won’t be inundated.

Wishing you optimal good health, abundant love and a knowing of your true magnificence. Robyn


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