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Commencing today for 10 consecutive days you have the opportunity for emotional healing using Tapping.  Its the 8th annual event presented by Nick Ortner.   I taught this liberating modality for many years, and still often use this in my counseling sessions.  It’s fast, easy and effective. You can register here Oh..and its FREE.


I met with a lovely friend recently and was deeply saddened to hear of the energetic impact of the effect of WIFI and E.M.R’S she is experiencing.  Moving house, and wearing protective shields helps, but the radiation from the cell towers continue to increase, making her life a misery.  These super sensitives are often the unwilling guinea pigs the world needs for us all to wake up. Reality is, we are all being affected by this unseen radiation that permeates our homes with the convenience of mobile phones, the Internet, smart meters and microwave ovens to name a few.

Last week Catalyst ran a ½ hour program called Wifried. Watch here  or call it up on IVEW and encourage the whole family to watch on the T.V.

I strongly encourage you to view this ½ hour program while it is still available for the sake of your own health but perhaps more particularly our children who are having this unprecedented harmful exposure and little is being done about it.   Then do a search on how to reduce affect of Wi-Fi radiation and choose from a plethora of links. A quote from Dr. Devra Davis.

You really wanna see proof that we’ve got millions of people with cancer like we did with tobacco and asbestos? Is there any question we should’ve acted sooner? We would really make a huge mistake if we continue to take the repeated assurances, ‘Everything is alright.’

At the barest minimum – turn off your modem while you sleep, use an ear piece or speaker and ensure you cell phone is OUT OF ARMS REACH, if you feel you must have it in the bedroom.  More in my book 101 Strategies for True Health and Empowerment 


On the 3rd Tuesday of every month 7.30-9.00 commencing March.  Come join in with like-minded people to meditate, share and grow together in Port Fairy. Just $20.00 Mark your diary now for Tuesday 15th March. Blessings and be well Robyn


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