South West Insight Community (S.W.I.C.)

I sincerely hope this finds you well in body mind and spirit amidst these challenging times.  I am writing to to you as a prior participant of any of the spiritual development classes I  have had the privilege to share with you.  These times feel to me like a pivotal point in our evolution - the current global pandemic and the ailing state of our planet seems to expose a greater polarity between love and goodness, and fear and control.  The old ways are collapsing to make way for the new and whilst scary for some, we can take comfort in the wise words of Buckminster Fuller, the futurist who once stated “You never change things by fighting an existing reality.  You change things by making the existing model obsolete”   And lets face it, our existing model is seriously flawed in so many ways where power, money and greed is put above human welfare and care for the planet.

I suspect these changes we want to see in the world, will need to come from the bottom up.  From community banding together supporting each other in a heart focused way and hence this email. We all know, true and lasting change comes from within. We can't expect the world to change if we don't.

Many are  awakening in this critical time of our evolution and this is our invitation to live life in recognition of our true spiritual self - loving, kind, compassionate, supportive and connected to all beings and taking care of our planetary home, whilst also addressing any emerging shadow aspects.

All of us have our role to play in some way I am feeling called to offer weekly classes for our community to come together in unity consciousness.

If this is sparking an interest - click here to see the website page I have set up along with a video of my invitation. Even though I still need to generate income from my work, I am drawing a line. I have decided to offer these regular community meditation classes with an energy exchange of just a $5.00 donation per class. Other courses and retreats will continue to be charged in the same manner. The "flexible" plan (essential in these times), is to start these classes remotely via zoom and once a month to meet in person.  This will be reviewed as things continue to unfold. Please also disregard this if you feel supported by some other spiritual community.  There are many pathways to home.  Thank you for being at this pivotal time in our evolution. Shine ever brightly! Again website link here for all details of S.W.I.C.