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The Best Gift

As you celebrate Christmas this year consider giving the gift of goodness from your beautiful heart. It will cost you nothing but your intended good will to share a kindness, expressed in words or behaviour. Throw in some gratitude and you are likely to be feeling good, helping others to feel good, connected and adding harmony to our turbulent world.

If the feeling of joy is a little absent in your world, remember to come into presence. Don’t allow your mind to make a problem out of anything. Just be with what is in this moment, and let the worries fade away.

The opposite of presence can be the very core of our childhood wounding that gets re-activated time and again and often when families come together during the festive season. It is inevitable that our inner child has had times when they have not felt heard, valued, respected or loved. Just listening to someone… really listening can be a treasured gift and it doesn’t cost you any money.

It can be helpful to remember, that it is through relationships that we learn about our-self. Relationships reflect our own ego – they mirror for us. It is so often easier to see and judge in another our own projected behaviours including our disowned shadow side.

“What angers us in another person is more often than not an unhealed aspect of ourselves. If we had already resolved that particular issue, we would not be irritated by its reflection back to us”    – Simon Fuller

Being aware of the potential for projection can bring consciousness and help us avoid the reactions and conflict that can quickly prevail leaving a wake of pain and disharmony.


Have an intent of good will and gratitude for the whole time you are together.

Remember relationships show us our unresolved wounding – (a gift of greater awareness)

If triggered – take a breath ……… understand that this person is just showing you a part of self and choose your response with consciousness. (Don’t re-act)

Connect with your inner child providing reassurance, comfort and love.

This adds to harmony and is a powerful way to build resilience, emotional intelligence and greater consciousness.

Thank you for being part of my life and Merry Christmas

With love and blessings Robyn

P.S.  Look out for Inner Child Healing Meditation and E Book in the New Year


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