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The Shadow is Emerging

Updated: Aug 25, 2022

(photo by Tom Barrett)

Whether you want to look at the divisiveness and polarisation going on in the world astrologically, spiritually or politically. The reality is the shadow self is emerging as the light is getting stronger and more people are waking up.  What has been suppressed, avoided or denied is coming up for transmutation. WHAT TO DO? First and foremost have a kindly compassionate attitude with yourself.  This is absolutely paramount.  Change is omnipresent and is most often uncomfortable, and more so, when we don’t initiate it of our own volition. These challenging emotions want to release, to be transformed and need your co-operation. Recognise suppressed emotions are driving force behind our behaviour whether we are aware of them or not.  It's time to address them using whatever tools you have available. Here's one way - FEEL - ALLOW - TRANSMUTE

When uncomfortable feelings arise, maintain that loving kindly attitude with yourself.  Then sit with the emotions, breathing deeply and slowly. 

Cultivating some gratitude will be helpful.  It could be in recognition of your body wanting to release this lower vibrational energy to reveal more of your true self.  

Often times it is helpful to identify its location in your body with an intense curiosity, observing the sensations without any judgment.  These energy surges will move through you if you don’t hold it by running a story with the mind.  The effect can be immediate (around 1 minute) depending on your ability to surrender into the feeling and how many layers there may be.  You may need to repeat several times for multiple layers. Recognise, mind does not need to understand what is happening or even what the issue is about.  Your body just needs to process the feelings through. If the energy surge is so uncomfortable and you struggle to sit still, because of the adrenaline pumping through your body, go for a fast walk whilst also breathing very deeply in through the nose with a strong Ahh! out breath.  At the same time hold the intention to release and let go. No mind story.

This can also be helpful to address anger that may be arising.   HOLDING HIGHER FREQUENCIES It is so important to keep your vibration high and stand strong maintaining a state of peace amidst all the contrast of the surrounding storm.  Keeping your vibration high is also your greatest protection to keep your immune system strong and combat any other lower energies.  Also, gratitude, compassion, generosity, doing things you enjoy,  like dancing, play and singing all facilitate an increase in frequency; mediation and coming into the now by practicing mindfulness.

Take care not to hook into the judgment of others.  Judgment is the egos way to feel superior and wants to be “right”.  It is divisive, polarising and  will not move you forward, help others, or shift the collective in a harmonious way.  Judgment has a negative impact both on you and other. Certainly feel free to speak your truth, but without expectations of an agreeable response.  As  challenging as it may be, particularly when you are at opposites with loved ones, be respectful of others, notice the differences and hold a higher frequency. Other tips to cope with Covid and reduce stress are available on my website and further tips in my book 101 Strategies for True Health and Empowerment. Recognise too, that we all need help from time to time and maybe this is the time to reach out to your preferred practitioner.  In person and remote bookings are available via phone or zoom. If you are ready for some intense clearing work, bookings are now open for the liberating 6 week course of  Cutting The Ties That Bind  via ZOOM . 


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