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I was amused to hear of a label for a new health condition called P.E.S. Post Election Stress. I’m sure you can relate. The latest election result is a shake up for all that exists, in our world and a major player in our “wake up” call, which was shortly followed by the Brexit vote. We are here together on the earth plane at this time to make a difference and are the co-creators of the new reality that we want to birth.

As so often happens, before a new order can occur there is chaos. Perhaps prudent to remember we can only be responsible for our own behaviour and how that impacts on the whole. There is no better time for reflection on our own thoughts feelings, actions and inactions to ensure these turbulent times lead us toward the transformation we have all wanted. We are indeed powerful sovereign beings.

Ultimately we all have to find our own truth and not be like sheep taking on board the beliefs of others because its easier, or to just align with someone or something without really questioning or using our innate discernment. And yes, many of us just feel worn out from the prevailing energies of change and disruption that will be with us a while longer.

This great divide we are seeing in the USA will of course will have its flow on effect throughout our world. It feels important to remember and recognise that despite politics, race or religion, we are spiritual beings having a human experience.

What if we all stopped waiting for others to change so we can feel good? What if we all say YES to love compassion, generosity, kindness, respect, truth, transparency and dignity for all life? Let us always remember that the earth is everybody’s home and she needs our love and care. And what if we put these qualities above money, power and greed.

What if we all really deeply question what we see and believe in all things in our lives and be willing to make changes? After all, resistance will cause suffering and change is inevitable anyway.

Perhaps you are feeling like me that its time for change.  After 26 years of teaching people how to meditate it is time to stop and yet I have loved every minute of it?  Maybe you have been complacent about things you wanted to change, or have have contemplated something previously and not acted on it? Perhaps there a desire for something new but it is not yet clear?

The veils are being lifted. Many long held beliefs will be challenged. All is not what it seems. This 1 minute 19 second video hologram offers a lovely metaphor for the illusion that surrounds us. I truly believe what we see and read is not necessarily what is so!

As per a previous post – just keep returning your focus to your heart (presence) and let it be your guide.

For your discernment – some election perspectives from spiritual leaders:

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