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We've all experienced the impact that sound in all its various forms can have on our whole being.

Thanks to the study of Cymatics, we are able to see visible effects of sound and vibration.

This is the image of the "OHM" sound. A universal sound of all creation and said to invoke a divine spark that resides in all things.

The Schumann Resonance is the sound of the heart beat of our beautiful mother earth. It is created by electrical activity such as lightening in the atmosphere. It radiates at a very natural 7.83hz. Our brainwaves operate on the same frequencies and when the Schumann resonance rises or peaks it has a direct influence on us.

It is perhaps obvious, that sound can be either quite irritating or very calming or anything in between, but it all impacts. The sound of a mosquito sharing your bedroom can very unsettling, in a similar way the high pitched sound of a fire alarm or the pounding of heavy equipment into rock can disturb our sense of balance.

By comparison there are many sounds in nature, that bring a sense of peace and harmony such as the waves gently crashing on the shore, the song of a bird, a spiritual chant or beautiful music.

Sound impacts us psychologically in terms of what it does to our emotions or mood. Cognitively, in terms of our ability to think clearly and in turn behaviourally. And of course, sound affects our body physiologically. That is in part, because our bodies are around 70% water and sound is a conductor and travels well in water.

This next image of a person's aura responding to the sound of tuning forks with thanks to Monica Vachery

Monica explains what we see

Image 1: Aura snapshot of the room to compare

Image 2: Aura field of the person - pretty unremarkable - shrunk and blends in with room (this is normal for most of us with our stresses and being disconnect from our true nature)

Image 3: The C and G tuning forks were used around the person's body for 2 - 3 minutes - notice the powerful shift created in the auric field - Her natural aura has expanded bringing forth her innate qualities (seen by the green, orange, gold) Also notice how beautifully the yellow and pink have come in along with a hint of gold close to her body. The yellow and pink show her connection to her inner truth

Yellow and pink are the colors we find in children

Yellow is the quality of bright inquisitive minds, strong absorption capability

Pink is unconditional love, joy, gratitude

These are the aura qualities of children and this is what draws us to children!


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