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Want to Improve Health?

It speaks for itself that health issues, aches and pains are always an indication that something in our body is out of balance and needs our attention.  Our physical body does not operate in isolation.  It is a reflection of our emotional, mental and spiritual bodies which all interpenetrate.  If your physical body is suffering, rest assure there is something that also needs your attention from the subtle bodies.  These physical challenges can also be as a result of the higher vibrations that are being downloaded as more and more people awaken. Rest and meditation will help the integration.

Just this last week I had a very small but deep wound that was not healing very well and then through my meditation, I realised what the connection was about – an old thought form that no longer served me.  This is happening to many of us in these rapidly changing times.  The old has to go to make way for the new. The tenderness went within an hour and I am now confident it will heal properly.  The body is extremely intelligent if we take time to listen and allow the energy to move through us.

As I’m sure you know, Meditation helps us to balance all the bodies and become more aware.  It reveals to us the incessant mind chatter of the mental body so that we can observe it without judgment to find peace; it helps us to attune more to our feeling (emotional) body allowing the energy to move through us as it is meant to rather than holding it stuck; and connect with and nourish the highest source guidance of our  spiritual body.

Meditation provides nourishment to your body mind and soul.

Irrespective of any prior meditation involvement, I want to give you the opportunity to experience this more contemporary style of Meditation that has been wonderful for me and so many others. 

This first class is absolutely FREE.

Awakening Meditation

next Wednesday 1st March 2017 at 7.30pm-9.00pm.

Wishing you wellness and light in all your bodies


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