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What’s Happening To Me?

What’s Happening to our World?

I have felt prompted to offer this gathering for some time in order to help those who may be struggling…so here it is with relatively short notice.  Sunday 4th June 2.00-5.00pm I am offering an afternoon of informal conversation with helpful strategies, to bring awareness to the shifts that are happening to our bodies and the world at this amazing time of transition from what is sometimes referred to from 3rd through to 5th dimension.

The chaos in the world is reflected by the chaos in our lives. The microcosm effects the macrocosm. Though many sensitives and intuitives have felt and known of the impact of the earth, sun and other planetary bodies on human health and behaviour for a long time, some leading edge science is now finding ways to measure these effects.

Compounding this, in these times of modern technology we are more disconnected from our earth and finding it hard to stay balanced – perhaps, even more than ever before?   Many are experiencing mysterious aches and pains, pressure in our heads, disrupted sleep, anxiety and other symptoms for no apparent reason.

This is an afternoon of discussion about some of the changes and challenges and how best to deal with them to assist a more easeful transition. I will offer some practical strategies that I have found useful beyond the obvious need to take care of your physical body.


  1. Understanding some of the unseen energies effecting us and our planet.

  2. A 5-6 minute daily “easy” exercise to optimise sense of balance, energy and clear mind

  3. How to train the subconscious to avoid the perils of the astral realms in the sleep state

  4. How to discern and address the omnipresent unseen energies effecting us all

  5. The benefits of connecting to the “New” Earth and your corrected time line.

  6. How to claim your sovereignty to assist awakening to your true self

  7. How to Increase the light in your system – what to do, what to avoid

  8. The power of you – the power of the collective

To be clear I am not offering this afternoon gathering coming from a position of “knowing or having all the answers, because I absolutely DO NOT.  The truth is, nobody truly knows or fully understand all that is taking place or what is possible in the next moment. Together our wisdom is so much greater when our hearts are the prompts.  Your input is very welcome.  I simply offer my humble understanding of some of the energy at play and ways I have found beneficial to address it.

If this speaks to your heart then I would love you to join us for this open minded open hearted conversation.

Just $30.00 and $20.00 concession card holders.

You can pay cash on the day or EFT prior – however our space is limited so please reserve your spot no later than Thursday 1st June via email or text.

If things change and you can no longer make it, please advise via text 0413 383830 to allow room for others.


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