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When to Park Positivity

We are surrounded by a sea of messages in our modern day world about thinking positively but there are times when we need to “park that positivity” and just allow our feelings to be.

The problem with the constant positivity hype is that it can keep painful emotions suppressed and they will continue to drive you anyway through the subconscious or unconscious mind. As a result, the triggers continues to happen and you don’t ever get to the root cause of your emotional pain or heal the wounding.

The emotional triggers we all experience from time to time primarily arise from the unresolved pain of your inner child. Most of us are never taught how to process our difficult feelings through effectively and so we develop a coping mechanism to distance our self from our hurt and pain and keep it suppressed. The pain doesn’t go away it just stays within.  Your feeling body provides you with many opportunities throughout your life to feel and heal those old wounds but the egoic mind often becomes the dominant driving force. Unmanaged, it might replay the story repeatedly holding and sometimes building resentment, or in an effort to avoid or suppress the painful emotions, the mind will come up with any manner of distracting behaviours as the initial steps, which then commonly develop into addictions – keeping you in the perpetual energy of hurt and suppression which ultimately can lead to serious health consequences.

Likely too, you will experience well-intentioned loved ones or careers who may encourage a positive mental approach and say things like:

Don’t feel bad.

Just move on – forget it

 The message is really “don’t feel”


So often your wounding comes from not feeling heard, not valued, not respected, not cared for and yet this is precisely the behaviour you unconsciously do to your own inner child who is longing for your attention, acceptance and love.

Try this next time you are feeling some strong emotions:

  1. Give yourself some quiet space where you won’t be interrupted. Breathe a little more deeply or just pause at the top of the in breath to engage the parasympathetic nervous system, which will have a calming effect.

  2. Connect yourself to mother earth by imagining you have roots of light going out through the souls of your feet into the earth just like a tree does.

  3. Then think of something that you are grateful for from mother earth. This is a way to open your heart to the potential healing energies that sustain life.  Grounding and connecting in this way is very important in the healing process and assists the transformation of the painful emotions.

  4. Then tune into your core – The center of your body is where the strong emotions sit and it is sometimes referred to as the belly brain.   You may find it helpful to place your hand on the sensations you are feeling in your belly. Feel, sense or imagine that this emotion belongs to your inner child and allow any feelings to arise while at the same time comforting your inner child and reassuring her that whatever she is feeling is okay – even though what happened may not be okay.   You may or may not be aware of certain incidents or events that occurred – take care not to allow the mind to run a story about this. The key thing to transmute these painful feelings, is to just let your inner child “feel” while your hold her in love and compassion – giving her what she needed at the time but didn’t receive. Reassure her that all her feelings are okay and that you will connect with her again. Allow any tears to flow.

As you do this, the energy will become unstuck and begin to flow through you and return to its place in the space time continuum.

It is as though when the energy is freed up, a little piece of you can come home bringing more love and light into your multidimensional body.  You are more whole. This contributes not only to your wellbeing but also to your spiritual awakening of true self as a magnificent loving being connected to all life.

To ensure no misunderstandings:

A positive attitude and positive self talk is an essential ingredient to be happy and healthy and so too is the need to feel what has been suppressed. 


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