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How to Tone to Release Blockages

Updated: Aug 25, 2022

Have you ever tried TONING to release stuck energy? Yes using your own voice.

Toning is a form of sound healing, and while there are many practitioners who work with sound or tone, it is also possible to be your own therapist. Everything in this universe has a particular vibration unique to itself. We as individuals have our own individual frequency that we vibrate through our physical and subtle bodies. It is made up of all of our thoughts, beliefs, life experiences, genetics, and behaviors.

We all know the power of sound and how some sounds are very abrasive, like a jackhammer going for hours at a time, a dog barking incessantly, or the sound of some alarm or persistent mechanical sound; even a mosquito sharing your bedroom at night can be irritating. Sound vibrations also affect our nature friends. Dogs and other animals can become very distressed at the sound of fireworks or lightning and thunder; our beautiful ocean giants, the whales, suffer dreadfully from the deafening sounds of sonar blasts, which can cause them to starve to death.

As humans, we also know how music can enliven us and get our foot tapping, or how a beautiful classical piece can be very calming to the senses. There is also some music that can be offensive or at least unappealing to our senses depending on your musical taste.

Toning is in the same family as singing. In ancient times singing was said to cleanse the spirit by cleaning our inner world of darkness. Toning is rather different. There is no melody, words, rhythm, or harmony, and the sound is produced in a different manner from singing. It is a way of using vocal sounds that creates a particular vibration in the body that can restore balance and harmony – somewhat like having an internal massage. It enhances your ability to breathe more effectively through the intake of oxygen and allows your body’s energy to restore its natural flows, improving your energy levels and your ability to focus.

Toning is great to use when you are feeling agitated, upset, stuck, or just out of balance in some way. It can create a vibration that actually frees the irritation you are feeling and restore harmony. Toning can release anxiety, anger, jealousy, trauma, or stuck or stagnant energy. It can impact on your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies, resulting in a sense of calm and balance.

Regular practice with toning assists you to become more attuned to your feeling body and facilitates expression of your uniqueness. It can awaken you more to yourself as a spiritual energy being having a human experience. Toning can be done in the privacy of your own home, in the car, or out in nature somewhere.

How To Tone

1. Close your eyes, and breathe deeply in and out for a few breaths to quiet and prepare your body/mind. This allows you to come into presence.

2. Feel into your body where the disharmony exists and maintain your focus there. You may sense tightness or a stabbing feeling somewhere in your torso or something more vague. Just attune to whatever part of your body calls your attention with the intention that you want to express the appropriate resonance through your voice to release any imbalance. Your body has a supreme intelligence and it will oblige if you can relax into it and allow yourself to give expression to the stored energy.

3. Then take a long slow in breath and on the out breath allow a sound to manifest as though it is coming from the area of discomfort. Let your full voice carry that sound vibration for as long as your breath will allow. Allow your focus to shift from the bodily discomfort to the actual sound or the feeling of the sound because it will create a resonance in your body.

4. Repeat several times, tuning into the body, deep in breath, toning as you exhale and altering your toning as you feel is appropriate, always allowing your voice freedom of expression.

To release the stored energy and bring about transformation, you may need just a few tonings in conjunction with your breath, or you may find you need to repeat for 15 minutes or so. It depends on the degree of blockage and your ability to be free with your voice.

You will know when it is complete because you will feel better.


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