Journey Into Wholeness

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Cancelled due to C.V.19

27 July - 2 August 2020

6 Glorious Nights and 7 Glorious Days

Insights Into the Deeper Self

Escape the winter to enjoy the gentle beauty and warmth of Bali amidst the tranquility of the rice paddies in Ubud.  In times of such rapid change in our world, it is vitally important time to stop, be, rest and reset.

Too often our lives becomes so busy and distracted that we find ourselves feeling stressed, overwhelmed, unfulfilled or struggling with negativity.


Often the mind is so busy that we disregard our inner most guidance.  The effect is that we loose touch with who we are and what we really need to nourish our mind body and soul.

If You're Feeling ...

  • Stuck in your conditioning of automated patterns of behaviour and struggling to find a way out

  • You feel like your cup is nearly empty because you have been giving out so much?

  • Stuck in limiting patterns of anxiety, negativity, stress or dullness and you need the skills and understanding to find your centre and break free of unhelpful patterns?

  • In need of a mental and physical detox to reset you for the rest of the year?

  • Like it’s time to unlock your potential by listening to your heart’s guidance?

  • You just “know” you need some time out to nurture yourself.

... Then this retreat is for you!

You Will Experience ...

  • Nourishing body pampering by beautiful Balinese therapists

  • Ancient toning by Jenny  to balance, harmonise and heal

  • Healthy food, cooked and presented with good energy and intentions

  • Peace and tranquillity of your environment, with the surrounding rice paddies

  • Daily yoga and breathing exercises to balance body mind and soul

  • Daily meditation to rest, restore, release and re-connect with your true self

  • Sound healing which increases theta brain wave patterns, deep relaxation and increased awareness of inner-self

  • Strategies for living a long and healthy life


Nourish your body mind and soul with pampering from beautiful Balinese therapists

Great Food

Enjoy healthy food from the menu of -Indonesian, seafood and western fusion

Bali Om Ham Hotel

Rest and restore in the lovely private accomodation of the Om Ham hotel

Bali Sound Healing

Experience sound healing in the unique Pyramids of Chi

Bali Swimming Pool

Free time to relax by the pool surrounded by the tranquility of the rice paddies


Enjoy daily meditation and yoga to nourish your physical, mental and emotional bodies

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Bali Retreat click the button below

This experience has opened my awareness to so many things - so many possibilities. I  arrived filled with anticipation and leave with a grateful heart.  I will never forget this experience.  I leave so refreshed and positive.


Exploring the Myth of Control


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Living a Life of Freedom

10am - 5pm Sunday 30th August 2020 - The Shrine Room, Port Fairy

A Deep Spiritual Immersion

​The opportunities to retreat from the details of our busy lives can be rare for most of us.  We are almost always doing something, trying to change something, trying to make something happen, and often totally ignoring the enormous health and spiritual benefits of giving quiet time for self.


Spending time in deep spiritual immersion is so important because it introduces us to new possibilities, expanded awareness and an opportunity to bathe in the essential freedom of Being that is our “natural” self.

Exploring the Myth of Control

​The theme of our retreat day is about Exploring The Myth Of Control and Living a Life of Freedom. There are certain moments in life when unexpected things occur and prove to us that we are not in control, but generally we live in the assumption that we are in control. Even our seemingly free choices are choices between options and we are not entirely in control of what options are open to us.
For the most part, we are probably already surrendered to our fears and desires, as well as the cultural norms we grew up in. These forces are all wrapped up in our identity and is what is living our lives and is what we are surrendered to.

Spiritual experiences open us to the vast expanse of consciousness beyond the familiar world of what we already know. These glimpses of the wider reality show us how limited our option of choices actual is.

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As we relax, go within and attune to our heart, we can expand our
awareness and the universe of possibility that we are living inside of.  
This retreat day is about shifting into a higher state of surrender
and the expansiveness of freedom.

What's Included

Our format includes deep inner reflections, discussions with partially guided meditations that rest, restore and release stress.


Discover the stillness that allows us to connect with our heart's intelligent guidance, change neural pathways and build consciousness.


Places are strictly limited
to just 8 people

(If you or a family member has been directly affected by recent fires please contact Robyn to arrange your complimentary place in this one day retreat) 

What to Bring

B.Y.O. Vegetarian Lunch to Share
Morning and afternoon
tea provided.

We have ample sitting gear but please  B.Y.O. your preferred gear
Please B.Y.O. drink bottle

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Your Self Care Investment in this 1 Day Spiritual Retreat is ...

Early Bird Special: When paid in full by 21st August 2020 is $80.00
(After  is $95.00)

Pay in Full
Early Bird

Take Advantage of the Opportunity to Reset and Upgrade