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Start Your Authentic Journey Toward an Expanded Consciousness.

Find Within Yourself the Power to Heal.

Embrace the Knowledge of the Magnificence of Your True Self.

Individual Health and 
Wellbeing Consultations

Individual Health and 
Wellbeing Consultations

Holistic Counselling/Healing

Holistic healing embraces all aspects of the human being.  The physical emotional, mental and spiritual bodies which all interface and impact on the other. Robyn’s loving and gentle approach always aims to connect to your heart at the same time to help you explore and understand your current situation from a holistic viewpoint.  


Robyn draws upon different processes within the consultation to address anxiety, depression, relationship issues, low self-esteem, pain, feeling stuck or destructive patterns.  These may include, Emotional Freedom Technique,  Inner Child Healing, Cutting The Ties That Bind, Breath work or a broad range of other transformative processes.


To further your empowerment, you may be provided with some strategies that you can apply at home to raise consciousness and assist you in your recovery to wellness. 


Body Work

Private consultation incorporating a form of bodywork called N.S.T.  (Neuro-structural Integration Technique).  The main objective of N.S.T. is to remove pain and dysfunctional physiological conditions by restoring the structural integrity of the body.

The results are typically profound and lasting and usually apparent within 2 or 3 sessions (best given 1 week apart).  Chronic health problems may require more sessions. It is a gentle modality that simply resets your body to heal itself.  It is pleasant to receive and leaves you with a deep sense of well-being.

Treatment can be given through light clothing

NST Healing Hands 500.jpg

Sound Crystal Healing

The Harmonic Sound, Crystal Healing is a unique experience.  The Sound Bed provides harmonic balanced stereo sound at low frequencies vibrating through the cellular network of the body, releasing stress and allowing the cellular systems to remove blocked energies.  Powerfully combined with a selection of crystals that, amplify, transform, store and focus energy to provide a unique relaxing healing experience.

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Group Programs and Workshops

Introduction to Meditation and Mindfulness

This 6-week course is about learning to create harmony and balance in your everyday life during and outside of the practice.  Meditation is an active process of increasing awareness of your body, mind, feelings, sensations and your environment.  It is easy to learn and the benefits are immense.

Meditation Class

Spiritual Retreats & Workshops

Taking time out for a retreat is where we get to give ourselves the most precious gift of self-care and nurture.  


Immersion in spiritual practice without the constant distractions of every day life allows us to release stress, connect with our heart's intelligent guidance, build consciousness and attune to our true self.  It is the opportunity to reset and upgrade.


Cutting The Ties That Bind

This self help method developed by Phyllis Krystal incorporates symbols, and visualisation techniques using the language of the sub-conscious mind to help people detach from the Ties That Bind Them. 


It assists you to become liberated and independent, awakening to your own inner source of security and wisdom to guide you rather than the false and binding security of old attachments and patterns.  


What Others Are Saying

What Others Are Saying

Thank you for sharing EFT with me for it has literally changed the way that I work with clients and people appreciate feeling empowered because they finally have something that works and that they can use for themselves, on themselves and not become dependent on the practitioner as they normally do with other modalities.

- Viki C

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