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Sacred Awareness

So many wonderful spiritual leaders have shared their insights about Awakening, about the magic mystery and magnificence of True self.  Yet interestingly, it is not something that the egoic mind can really grasp.  These evolutionary masters can point us in the direction, encourage us to meditate, but ultimately we have to let go of mind or at least (figuratively speaking) be able to stand back and observe the incessant mind chatter and surrender into the felt experience with expanded awareness.

More easily said than done for sure, particularly in a world where mind is so celebrated and has dominated the intuitive higher guidance of the heart.

Yet, every day, in every moment of time we have the opportunity to become more aware. We all have that ability any time. But it is not just a cognitive function.  It is a plunge into the great spiritual mystery that our mind will never be able to comprehend and our science may never be able to measure.

A useful stepping-stone to expanding consciousness is to simply pause…, and attune to each of our senses, notice our breath, our body, notice all the objects in our awareness. You may even notice that we become very habitual in the way we look at or pay attention to various things.

The true magic happens when we are willing to look in a different way, a different place. Consider what may happen if we paid attention to the space in which everything is occurring. What if we took our attention off our fixation of the “objects” in our awareness and place it on the subject or the one who is having the experiences, the experiencer, instead of the experiences themselves.

It can be a sacred, shocking, surprising experience when we become aware of awareness itself.  Even though it may only be a moment in time, its impact is revelatory – extraordinary.


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