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Stress or Flow

Feeling stressed? Change is all around and it’s stressful – even when it’s exciting and desirable – (such as a new car, job or home). Change cannot be avoided and resistance to it will create tension, and often exacerbate feelings of doubt and fear, resulting in even more stress. There can be an underlying belief that if we resist change long enough it will go away. It will not.

It is a constant in life that surrounds and affects us all. Its no secret that stress adversely affects health and can even increase the risk of premature death by 43%. The National Health Interview Survey (NHIS).

But change is certainly not all bad news. The great thing about change is that it often brings extremely positive outcomes.

Anyone remember Kodak? Today we can take a picture on our phone store it on our computer or print it out. Our multiple forms of communications can be immediate all over the world. What about the video stores that have been replaced with Stan and Netflix and Amazon! No more going to our local video shop, just sitting at home, pressing a few buttons.

Consider also the inevitable emotional pain we all experience and want to avoid. When we have the courage to finally address these painful challenges we can feel totally transformed. We feel lighter, happier and those related emotional triggers cease.

Change is happening faster than we can possibly hope to keep up. Quantum physics, Techonomy (artificial intelligence)  are here and expanding. There are many unseen energies that permeate our energy field and environment that we may not be able to label but we feel! “Even the DNA in our physical bodies is changing!

The best we can do is to try to stay in flow. This is where we will find peace and ride the waves of change.

On Sunday 25th February

One-day retreat


Take time out from technology, commitments, and prioritise self to nurture, rest re-set and restore. More information here

If you feel called to join us for this nurturing time and adventure in greater consciousness, I look forward to being with you on the journey.


Strictly only 8 participants.


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