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Updated: Sep 9, 2020

These are 3 Stress Busters that are easy, fast, effective and even fun. They each draw upon different aspects of body, mind and emotions to elevate your feeling state and take no more than 5 minutes each.  Super activities to do on your own or together as a family sharing life skills.


Jiggling is a rhythmic pulsation of the body affecting both the inside and outside of your body. Jiggling helps to reduce muscle tension by shaking all the muscles, its great for the organs and assists your kidneys and adrenals to flush their toxins.  It gets blood flowing freely in your body, improving circulation, and can be both energizing and grounding.  It assists you to become present with your body often releasing stored or stagnant energy. A fabulous family exercise to shake off the stressors of your day whilst having fun. Bound to bring a chuckle.

In case you need instructions:

Stand with your knees softly bent, arms by your side, teeth slightly apart to ensure a relaxed jaw, and just start to jiggle your whole body.  Allow every body part to hang loose and limp as you jiggle.  Let your breathing adapt as it wishes.

You may find allowing your voice some expression  with some “ooo’s and arrrrs” enhances your enjoyment – feeling the vibration that the jiggling makes through the sound of your voice.

Shake off your day or your worries and feel the contrast at the end of your 5 minute jiggle.


Photo-Gabrielle Cole

Gratitude is a feeling that immediately elevates your emotional state because according to science, it synchronizes brain and heart rhythms creating coherence.

In this optimal state, the body’s systems function more efficiently, generating a greater balance of emotions and increased mental clarity and brain function.

Write down at least 10 things for which you are grateful. It could be the comfort of your bed, the smell of a beautiful rose, your favourite food, a loved one, something you enjoy doing or anything at all. The object of your gratitude doesn’t matter – it is the frequency or vibration that it creates within your body-mind that makes the difference.

Make it a regular daily habit (looking for new things each time) and you will maintain higher vibrational states.


Belly Breathing is also referred to as Deep Conscious Breathing or Diaphragmatic Breathing and is an ancient technique to promote wellness. Breathing is the only bodily function that we do both consciously and unconsciously. When we learn to regulate the breath the body-mind will follow.  Breathing brings oxygen into the body and affects almost every bodily function so you will understand the value of breathing consciously. Check out these benefits.

  1. Increases the flow of oxygen into your body, nourishing both body and brain

  2. Improves blood circulation

  1. Creates more energy

  2. Strengthens the lungs and immune system

  3. Helps to reduce anxiety and clear the mind

  4. Improves digestion

  5. Helps to release tension from the body

  6. Helps to balance the left and right brain

  7. Improves sleep

  8. Improves quality of life

This can be done lying down or sitting upright. In this deep conscious breathing process, the whole focus is on making each breath long, deep, and slow and right down into the diaphragm.

Place one hand on your upper chest and the other on your belly to facilitate the feeling of breath travelling through your body into the belly. Then breathe in deeply and slowly through your nose (mouth closed) as you notice the air travel right down to your belly expanding it, and exhaling, feeling the belly sink inwards.  Repeat, taking 5 deep, long, slow breaths in and out while expanding and contracting your belly.   Develop a slow rhythmical pattern of deep breathing. Repeat 10 deep breaths × 5 times a day or 5 deep breaths × 10 times a day. This not only has an immediate calming effect but also has a cumulative effect over time.

Most people don’t breathe properly so don’t be concerned if you initially find it difficult to belly breathe.  You may find it easier to do this deep breathing while lying down. It will get easier with practice. TESTING FROM SUPPORT

More strategies in my book 101 Strategies for True Health and Empowerment – Healing from Within.


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