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Meditation Monthly

Developing a regular meditation practice affords enormous personal benefits which I ‘m sure you know by now. It is a life changing, life sustaining, transformational practice. But, have you ever really considered the differences that meditating with a group affords? Some of the benefits you may find are:

  1. The collective silence is otherwise something rarely experienced in a group

  2. Your presence amongst others who are “present” attunes your listening and mindfulness.

  3. A feeling of connectedness or intimacy can develop into a bond with like minded souls. It is a recognition that you are not alone – but amongst a spiritual family with a similar focus and intent.

  4. The energy of many is always stronger than the energy of one and can facilitate more powerful meditations.

  5. The sense of silent support and safety can facilitate a true heart connection and opening, (transformation happens at the heart), and a willingness to really surrender and let go.

Meditation is the tongue of the soul and the language of our spirit. Jeremy Taylor

MEDITATION MONTHLY:   15th  March, 2016 (3rd Tuesday in month)

TIME:   7.30-9.00pm

WHERE:   The Shrine Room, 3 Willoughby Street, Port Fairy

INVESTMENT:   $20.00 payable on the night

Next Tuesday 15th March is the first of our monthly Meditation classes in Port Fairy. Yay, I’m excited to reconnect.  I initially posted this event of Monthly Meditation on my personal  face book page instead of on “Meditation for The Soul” Page  and couldn’t figure out how to move it over . Yes, bit of a face book dummy – but learning! So if this is your preferred medium for reply I shall leave it as is at this time. Otherwise just text of drop me an email of your intent 24 hours prior. So I can set up the room appropriately.   You may want to consider car-pooling if you coming from Warrnambool?  These classes are open to all prior Meditation participants and those with some experience.

It feels very timely with all the strong energies around suggesting extraordinary transformation opportunities with eclipses and worm-holes opening.   I truly look forward to re-connecting, sharing and growing together in greater consciousness, peace and love.


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