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My Pain-Your Pain

Everyone experiences pain throughout their life, and I too have certainly experienced intense physical and emotional pain.  In my search to heal on all levels, I have really discovered that the body has the most amazing wisdom if we just choose to take notice.   It has taken many thousands of dollars, scores of workshops, hundred of books, and a daily meditation practice for over 3 decades – and I’m still learning.

I have come to see pain as the gift from the supreme intelligence of our feeling body which is always striving to guide us through life.  I have found it very humbling to feel totally out of control with pain – it offers immense learning, particularly when you surrender.  I noticed too, an article on “Generation Anxiety” in last Sunday’s age that Bianca Dye has also come to see her anxiety as a gift, so its good to know others share this belief.

Pain is seldom wanted and commonly rejected and rarely thought of as a gift and hence the intensity remains and can build.

Learning how to work with your pain not only offers relief and reduces the fear so often associated with pain, but also heightens awareness that can help you to understand and sometimes resolve the pain at a deeper level of its causality.

Any physical pain also has an emotional component.

The consistent suppression of emotions create much stress and typically results in high anxiety, poor memory, reduced immunity and can result in various illnesses impacting on the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies. The reality is that suppressed emotion can impact on every aspect of your life, including health, relationships and work.

Make pain your friend. It is part of your internal guidance system.  The superior intelligence of your feeling body is wanting your attention.  Without pain how on earth could you navigate you way through life?  

“In suppression we push below awareness what we imagine is unacceptable. In this very act of suppression we enslave ourselves” – Stephen Levine.


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