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Sound Healing

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

Healing with sound dates back to ancient Greece. The philosophers Plato and Aristotle claimed that music affected the soul and the emotions. Sound has been used as a healing tool for many thousands of years and seems to be gaining considerable attention as more people are leaning towards natural ways of healing. It was in fact Edgar Cayce an American Christian mystic who has answered questions on healing and reincarnation and was nicknamed “The Sleeping Prophet”, has said that

“Sound will be the medicine of the future.”

Orthodox medicine often isolates different parts of the body without looking at the relationship to other parts of the body. Every cell in the body has its own unique frequency and vibrational healing embraces the connectedness of all body systems and how they contribute to optimal flow through the whole body. Sound travels 4 times faster through water than it does through air. So it makes sense that sound would have a significant impact on our bodies which are around 70-80% water.

Smooth Flow creates at Peaceful State of Being.

When our system is at Peace

the immune system flourishes

and every organ goes into alignment.

Therefore, the function of breaking up chaotic frequencies and

resonating any single part of the body into coherence,

is so that it can now receive and transmit flow through the whole system.

The function of resonating harmonic relationships between parts of the body

is so that the natural healing smooth flow of health may resume in the body


Pythagoras believed that music

could be used in place of medicine

According to David Gibson (Musician, teacher, recording engineer, and spiritual leader of sound healing) “Sound does much more than heal. Sound can soothe, sound can raise our consciousness, and sound can take us into other realms of reality. Sounds can entrain our brains into a full range of states of consciousness. Healing is often thought of as fixing something that is wrong. Sound can harmonize everything that is right – beauty, harmony, love, and Spirit”.



Classical music. which was used in WW1 as music therapy and currently incorporated for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. and Alzheimers.

Chanting and humming are referred to as vocal harmonics; the ancient "Ohm" is considered the sound of creation and is familiar across the world in many spiritual practices and meditation.

Tuning Forks - initially used to see if instruments are in tune, but also used for healing.

Tibetan Bowls commonly made of metal, and Crystal Singing bowls, each of various sizes create multiple different healing vibrations.

Gongs are generally used in a "sound bath" so named because participants are going to "bathe" in sound waves.

In more recent times, the sound bed or sound lounge as it is also called, has emerged as a leading type of sound healing. This incorporates both environmental sound heard through the ears and felt through the whole body with the transmissions of the sound vibrations from the multiple speakers attached beneath the bed.

SOME REFERENCES:  (Shattering cancer with resonant frequencies)


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