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Help for Overwhelm

Do you feel as though overwhelm seems to be the new “norm” – that disruption is constant? Are you feeling as though everything is going so fast and it’s hard to keep abreast? You are not alone! Even time is speeding up. A Google-search for “time is speeding up” will bring up 37 million web pages! So feel validated in your perception.

The reality is, that it is unlikely to slow down! Some have called this the Shift, or the Ascension that is occurring. We are evolving into a new world where the old has to go. It is the invitation for us all to wake up to our true integral self. At a fundamental level, it is to allow the supreme intelligence of our hearts to rule and to choose love over fear.

I recently attended a Hearth Math Seminar (Science base research into the heart). The presenter, Howard Martin cited some examples of the speed and constant disruptions that are around us.

Notice how quickly your local video store has been replaced by Netflix, Stan and others, or the impact on the Taxi industry of Uber – a multi million company, yet no cars are owned; how Airbnb has disrupted the hotel industry and Spotify has pretty much ended the purchase of CD’s.

We are moving fast into a different reality. Driverless cars are coming and then the trucking industry…yikes! The impact is almost beyond comprehension.

We are going from Virtual reality to Merge reality! Hard to get your head around that one.

You cannot and will not keep up – so don’t try.

Better to learn to just be in “FLOW” with these energies.  

How to be in Flow?

  1. Many times each day, focus on your heart and imagine you are breathing in and out of your heart.  Just hold the breath at the top of the in-breath for a second before exhaling. Then think of something that you are grateful for to amplify your heart energy. Let the supreme intelligence of your heart guide your mind, or put another way, your higher self guide your thinking.  This results in heart coherence where the heart and mind are in sync and result in great outcomes.

  2. Stay connected to the earth – both the earth and our bodies are electrical in nature.  Keep yourself grounded by imagining energetic roots of light coming out through the soles of your feet going deep into the earth. Spend time in nature and soak up her wonderful healing energies, acknowledging her magnificence. (more heart)

  3. Keep your energy field clear.  Chaos and disruption commonly activate fear.  Fear attracts negative energy.  Download the “Clearing” meditation available for free on this website.

  4. Practice “regular” meditation to increase awareness of the illusionary mind and keep returning to presence. It will also help you to be more flexible, patient, intuitive and compassionate. Essential qualities for inner harmony in a fast moving world that you cannot control.  Be aware – Mind is the greatest source of suffering.  


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