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Is “It” Yours?

Ever felt really crabby or depressed for no apparent reason – as though it seemed to come out of nowhere? One minute you are up and the next minute you want to crawl down a hole.

Well the reality is, it might not be yours, but projection from others or  lower vibrational energies that are contaminating your multi-dimensional self.

I had written this blog ready to send out before I read about the latest and biggest National survey Wake-up call for parents about serious mental health issues in today’s news.  It really tugged at my heart feeling deep compassion as I pondered their pain (I’ve been there as a teenager and as a parent) and thought how different our world would be if we were all taught how to clear our energy field of the accumulated debris and dross.

The reality is we are all surrounded in a sea of energies that are constantly impacting on us and influencing how we feel.  With so many unseen energies in our environment, it can be a challenge to discern exactly what is going on even for the most intuitive beings.  Among the mix can be, geopathic stress, other peoples energies, our own unintegrated shadow self, negative thoughts or stories we are running, electro magnetic frequencies and numerous other influences.  Just stopping the negative mind chatter can immediately improve your feelings state, other times we may need to clear the space we are in that has been left in a contaminated state, (see last blog on Depression) and other times there is contamination in our personal energy field.

Though we generally don’t like to discuss parasitic  or dark energies, being aware and having tools to address them, empowers us and disempowers them.

There are different ways to clear your personal energy field. A swim in the ocean is one that I’m sure all our committed surfers would attest to as a form of upliftment. The salt water and all the minerals in the ocean leave you feeling clearer and energised.  Salt is a common source for cleansing and disinfecting.

Just standing and jiggling for several minutes can be beneficial and shake off some of the heavier energies, particularly with the intent to release and cleanse. Don’t know how? – ask a small child.  Adding some joyful music and a few sighs and groans can assist further to really get things moving.

The more thorough deep cleanse is one that not only clears your field, but builds greater consciousness, adds light to your body, improves your feeling state and helps improve your intuition at the same time. It is done in a meditative state. Here’s how:

Deep Cleanse       Sit quietly taking a few long slow breaths until your mind seems quieter. Then connect to mother earth by thinking of something you are grateful for – a rainbow, your favourite food, a warm bed. It’s the frequency of gratitude that matters, not the subject of your appreciation. Next imagine a streamer of energy going from your heart in a big elliptical loop down into the heart of mother earth. Gratitude is a sure way to connect to your own heart, and ground yourself at the same time.

Once you feel that connection, then imagine a miniature version of yourself up against a really bright sunlight above and in front of you. Hold the intention that you want to see or sense any dark patches (i.e. negative energies) so that you can clean them away.

Then imagine a powerful galactic vacuum cleaner pointed towards any dark patches.  (Remember energy follows thought). Direct it to suck out all the negativity or dark spots and transmute the energy. Home in on any areas of imbalance. Be aware that where there is physical or emotional pain or discomfort it is a feeding ground for parasitic energies.

Clearing can make a dramatic difference to how you feel and is one of the most beneficial things you can do to optimize your health and wellbeing and keep your subtle energy bodies free of interference.  Just as you clean your physical body everyday so too does your energy body need to be cleansed.  Each time you do this you also strengthen your energy body and effectively bring more light into it.  You and everyone around you benefits.  You might like to further empower yourself with an affirmation like “I am sovereign, I am free, and I choose love through eternity!”

I whole-heartedly recommend you do this process every day.  It is one of the most empowering, nurturing and loving things you can do for yourself.  If you know anyone suffering with depression, anxiety or bullying invite them to explore this cleansing process.  The impact can be profound, immediate or take several times before the effects are felt.

From my heart to yours – wishing you wellness and full awakening of your true self


More helpful strategies in my book – 101 Strategies for True Health and Empowerment


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