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Anxiety – Awakening!

Recently I heard that Google search rates for anxiety have more than doubled over the past 8 years! Wow!

I found this quite interesting when we are in a world where more and more people are waking up.

What a dichotomy.

It seems the gap is getting wider with those who have had profound spiritual experiences find them selves isolated though they may be the majority? \ Frankly, I don’t know where my life would be today without meditation. Probably not here!

In our mind driven, fast pace world, it’s not easy to step back, pause and attune to the inner self that is constantly trying to steer us. It may take courage for some to step aside from your peers, the pressures and demands of life, yet a most loving way to self-nurture.

Just starting with 10 minutes of meditation a day can be life changing. Pausing for a couple of minutes several times a day to focus on the breath will have an immediate calming effect. See prior blog Fastest Way to Reduce Anxiety. Links attached for your possible interest.

I love the image this picture conveys of meditation amidst chaos

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