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Meet Robyn

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Whether you're looking for a solution to your personal health challenges, want to awaken deeper levels of awareness and healing through meditation, or let go of old belief systems that no longer serve you, I can help you access the inner-resources for transformational healing in your life.  


I’m Robyn Wood, and I have personally been assisting individuals and workplaces improve their health and wellbeing for over 30 years. As a Natural Therapist and Educator I've worked extensively with adult education, in private practice and business.


I essentially help you reconnect with your body's own inner-healing intelligence to help awaken your innate healing consciousness, so that you can experience greater levels of happiness, health, wellbeing and harmony. 

Top 10 Tips to "GROW" You Through CV19 

E.F.T. Video to Address Concerns
Around CV19

E.F.T stands for Emotional Freedom Technique. 
These are really challenging times for us all and there are a variety of resources available to help people address the mental health issues. Meditation, mindfulness, different kinds of breathing exercises and other strategies in my book 101 Strategies for True Health and Empowerment. 
The focus of this 20 minute video is on some of the many anxieties around the corona virus.
E.F.T. is like a psychological form of acupuncture and most helpful to address all kinds of different anxieties.  It is about focusing on the issue, affirming that its okay, and you are okay to have these feelings, then tapping on different points in the body to release the emotional charge.
There are  of course, a multitude of other aspects that exist for many.
Some other possibilities, are lonliness, feeling trapped, missing family, missing friends, coping with home schooling and others.   You could apply the same principles as demonstrated in the video to address your specific issues.
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Are You Ready to Experience New Levels of Health and Wellbeing?
Let me help you create your own authentic path to greater peace, happiness and health.

Blessings Robyn xo

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Are You Ready to Experience New Levels of Health and Wellbeing?
Let me help you create your own authentic path to greater peace, happiness and health.

Blessings Robyn xo

Meditation Mindfulness Classes

Meditation is an active process of increasing awareness of your body, mind, feelings, sensations and your environment. It is about learning to create harmony and balance in your everyday life during and outside of the practice. A process of perpetually coming back to the present moment. Science now recognises the enormous benefits of meditation for health and wellbeing.

Mindfulness is being aware in the moment of your body, feelings, mind, and sensations with a curious and kindly attitude.

Spiritual Retreats

The opportunities to retreat from the details of our busy lives can be rare for most of us.  We are almost always doing something, trying to change something, trying to make something happen, and often totally ignoring the enormous health and spiritual benefits of giving quiet time for self. 

Spending time in deep spiritual immersion is so important because it introduces us to new possibilities, expanded awareness and an opportunity to bathe in the essential freedom of Being that is our “natural” self.  

Body Work

N.S.T. (Neuro Structural Integration Technique) is a gentle modality that simply resets your body to heal itself. It is pleasant to receive leaving you with a profound sense of wellbeing. No manipulation, no cracking, just a relaxing series of moves over key points in the body. This sets up an opportunity for energy flows to be activated allowing for powerful correction to specific areas of the body where there is either pain or dysfunction. 

Holistic Counselling

Holistic Counselling embraces all aspects of the human being. The physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies which all interface and impact on the other. Robyn draws upon different processes within the counselling session which may include Focusing, Emotional Freedom Technique, Breath Work, Inner Child Healing, or Cutting the Ties That Bind and/or other transformative processes

Discover How to be Healthy Now

"Filled with 101 Practical Strategies, Tools and Techniques for
Restoring Health and Wellbeing, This Book Will
Literally Change Your Life!"

Robyn's book is the definitive guide to holistic health and healing through the new science of epigenetics, and an understanding of the world of energy that affects us all.


Inside you will discover the twelve most common categories of health related issues are dissected offering succinct strategies addressing these challenges.

Cutting the Ties That Bind

This empowering self help method developed by psychotherapist Pyllis Krystal, primarily uses,  techniques, symbols, ritual and visualisation techniques to help people detach from the Ties That Bind Them.  Working at the subconscious level of mind we are able to offset some of the negative conditioning we all experience.  This method is more powerful than working at a cognitive level, because we are going to the source of the programming.

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Latest News, Insights
and Inspiration

Meditation, Mindfulness and Everything in Between

Through Robyn’s guidance I have come to understand and believe that my autoimmune disease was in fact caused through unresolved emotional issues (blockages) some going all the way back to childhood. The sessions have empowered me to strive to resolve past issues and to create a mindful and truthful presence. I also am now medication free from the crippling pain in my hips caused by the psoriatic arthritis.

- Josie B

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“Our life is shaped by our mind, for we become what we think.”